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Anuwera Anuwera

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very beautiful piece all around. Everything was seamless and the melody spoke to me. The highs were high and the lows were well timed. Perfect music to write to :) I'd love to hear how dark you could go on a full track based off the first 15 seconds. It'd be non-stop goosebumps no doubt :) Planning on posting 2015 work?

pftq responds:

Thanks! No words to describe what a surprise it is to hear from you. :D You might want to check out Darkerly Stormy - an older but very fun one to listen to. I definitely like going down the dark/horror route a lot. Really horror-oriented and really blissful stuff is what I feel really comfortable writing for some reason.

2015 is going a bit slow for me. Need to get myself into a creative environment again to get some inspiration. But yes, definitely want to keep going this year.

Boom Kitty - Jam Rat Boom Kitty - Jam Rat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great work you got here! I enjoy it when artists aren't afraid to use a broad spectrum of instruments on a track. But you didn't stop there. You transitioned these instruments very skillfully and held me through each one wanting to listen to what was next.

Only thing I would point out on this piece was that your epic transition at 2:09 transitioned into the same melody you used already. Maybe switch it up some and push that one final finale melody to make sure your fans listen all the way to the end.

Keep up the great work!

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in the works in the works

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice creativity here making this upbeat melody. Good use of chords on the saw synth to keep that feeling going. You've got a memorable tune :)

Only thing that I notice is at 1:20, your clean chords get muddied by the bass I think. It sounded perfect right before that.

Keep up the good work!

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DjxYEAHxLEMONS responds:

thanks for the advice!

(PM)- Blazing (PM)- Blazing

Rated 5 / 5 stars


erahhhhhhh yahyahyahyahyahyah dundundundundun wowowowowowowow

That's a healthy bass sound you got there. You definitely know how to sequence parts together and you got an ear for abstract sounds.

My suggestion for you is to compose a hook within the first 20 seconds to tease the listener enough that they don't click fast forward. The song was satisfying but I felt like it needed a personal touch - possibly some one shots that you can call your style. Try to go outside the box and add in some snippets like a trance melody, a sequence of pretty notes or a bunch of sound bytes you smashed together in a fun way.

Keep it up :)


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Parkerman1700 responds:

Hey thanks for the awesome review man!
Yeah I know exactly what you mean, I'm sure I could definitely add a few melody loops of the sort. And actually this might be the longest build up of any song I've made, so that makes sense too! haha

Thanks for the awesome review and the 10 man.

DiscoSex(WiP) DiscoSex(WiP)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

My love is your love and your love is mine!

First off I want to thank you for writing an in-depth review to my song and apologize for not responding to your review request sooner.

Here goes my review on your newest piece:

First off you made good use of the filter right from the start making it transition in cleanly. No problems there.

You made good use of the vocals as mentioned by other reviewers.

I like the deep hitting kicks and bass that follows. I don't know if I would consider 42 seconds a song but this has great potential to be a transition piece for a long club mix or an intro segment. It really all depends on what you are trying to accomplish with this piece.

You also have the electro background in there with the constant fading buzz and then you bring it into the foreground very cleanly. Something I love to hear and wish I had time to do in my songs.

All around nice piece for what I'm thinking about with the intro to a hard hitting song.

Hope my review helped as much as yours helped me!


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DavidRx responds:

thx for the deep review dude :D

sadly..cnat continue this track D: lost the project... :(

Lift You Up (Demo Version #1) Lift You Up (Demo Version #1)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Liked it

...but didn't like what Aisarene said... "Post better stuff on here."

..but meh... you're her producer so I guess it's not how I think she might have said it. Liked the house style swing with the chill feeling. Work on some melodies that are more catchy. Music is all about mind games! When you're done being abstract, find something original and make that your style.


Xayro responds:

lol It isn't my best song. I didn't want to put my better stuff on newgrounds at first. This is the 2nd track I uploaded. My catchy original stuff generally isn't so much dance as it is avant-garde fusion of multiple styles, usually based in softer stuff.

Faded (Abstraction) -Mell Faded (Abstraction) -Mell

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Kinda like a flashback

I love it. Everything is EQ'ed right and nothing seems out of range on my computer (I do not adjust my personal EQ, all stock). One thing I would like to hear from this is more adlib drum beat breaks before the bass cuts in and when they cut out. Watch the volume on some of the higher pitch sound effects and make sure the (res) isn't peaking when it comes in. I don't know how you did the strings / guitar but I would love to hear more rythm and funky drums in the middle like a James Bond meets Solid Snake feel. You got it going but around 47secs but it could definitely be more funky.

One more thing to test. Try giving it a little more swing.

Awesome stuff you got here!

TheCon-Sept responds:

As far as the drum beat goes... I haven't figured out what to add to it. However I have changed a few of the sounds to make it more "toned" correctly. I missed it the first go around. I am trying to change the main background to at least add in a new chord or vary it smoothly. been thinking of adding a bit more vox's as well. but nothing fits the mood.

Karco -- Aurora -- Karco -- Aurora --

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

My 2 cents

First off I just wanted to say thanks for reviewing my song in such detail. I'm going to try to do the same for you so here goes.

I like the big effect in the beginning but later on it seems to be more powerful than the actual main melodie line. Just a heads up on that part.

I love the hard thumping and pumping sound you have generated here. The smooth melodies you made with it definately gave it a type of euro feel to it with your own unique style. I can definately tell you have a unique talent with your music writing. Is that a keyboard you have?

At the end the synths you used were supurb however I felt like it could have gotten harder. Heres my advice which I do on a regular basis. Listen to your synth over and over play your song and copy that melodie to play exactly over on another synth so you have two synths playing at the same time with only one melodie. You can also change the pitch of the second and make it sound different. It gives your song more body and you can do it with anything. Drums, bass, buildups ect. If I had to say I had one secret I've been keeping from other people in Newgrounds hidden it would have been that. You can even change the melodie up some on the second line and the effects and it's very fun to do. Hope this helps out some.

This dosn't sound like Fruity Loops so is this Reason or something? I'd be interested to know. <3 that melodie again and keep up the great work!


Karco responds:

Hey, RedSe7en! Thanks for stopping by to review my song, and you're welcome for reviewing yours. :)

You know, while the melody is mostly my work I can't take full credit for it - this used to be a collab between B34T1N and I but it took off on me and turned into a full song. :D See, he suggested a little part while it was still a collab, and that little part inspired me to change the melody quite a bit, making it so much better I didn't even think about dropping it. :D But everything else is fully my composition. (And no, I didn't use a keyboard for this song... or any of my others, for that matter.)

Wow... that tip right there (in the big paragraph, the second-to-last one) I would never have thought of but I'll definitely give it a try! It sounds like a great one.

Reason? Hah, no, this is FruityLoops. :P I used the VST Vanguard for my synths, and an AWESOME bassdrum I found a while ago. All the other drums (the hihat, clap, and snare roll) and the "tsssseeeeeeooooowwww" hit are from a pack I bought a while ago which hasn't yet let me down. :D

Thanks again for the review! Glad you enjoyed the song. :)

-[ GABBER! ]- -[ GABBER! ]-

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I did like how origional this beat was and how it was highly contrasted with the complete silence giving a sort of black and white feel to it but omg plz give me a warning to turn down my headphone volume. I was ok until the beat went to full silence for two seconds. Thats when my ears poped :( anywho when it picked up it was awesome! Yes awesome! The only critique I can give is I wish you would have gone further with this piece. It is still definately worth looking into again. If you do next time please warn me though. I use Fruity Loops so I dont know what Gabber is lol.

~Red 7

Feral-Fox - The Riddle Feral-Fox - The Riddle

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Sup man! Ok lets see if I can still give you some good advice still.

Liked your type of style that you use alot. That being more voices in your music and your hard hitting bass lines. I kind of found it hard to understand the lyrics because of the hard distortion, so try and watch that. Don't want you botching up your WIP I cant wait for you submit or send me as final. <3 that piece of art :) For some reason which I cannot understand yet, at the near end of your song, the bassline and beat are hard to determine because of your snare (if there is one) trebble vol being too low or maybe it's how the transition of that snare flowed from one section of the song to the other. Not your best piece but I knew you worked hard to produce this and your stuff after this is even better so I gave your effort a 9 cause the way you have changed and fixed alot of your style to become more clear and unique has been very impressive! Keep in touch and dont forget to review my junk too! :)

~Red 7

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