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I believe this submission was front page only for the fact that it will stir up attention to Newgrounds. This reminded me alot of that one flash that suicidal kid did about killing people. Later after that he killed some people in his school. I cant remember which school but after what he did to those innocent children his flash was all over the front page. I remember that many of the Newgrounds people who reviewed that horrible flash actually tried to review it based it on the flash itself reguardless that the kid killed people as well as himself. Artwork/animation like this has NEVER not had an influence on killing/war. Though it will never be prevented from being made plz make some disclaimer so that 14 year olds wont be killing people. People who make these now adays never stop and realize that their work does have an influence on people who have mental issues. ART DOES IMPACT OTHERS. If you were an art major you would understand far more. As far as being front page, I dont know if NG does it intentionaly to get ratings just like reality shows throw in sex for ratings, but somewhere someone has to say something to the people who take this seriously and that should start with the flash itsself. Make a Warning or Tell the viewer not to take this crap seriously! You are showing a flash about killing in school on a site that has no age check and that thousands of people view daily! Think!

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lightly farting too many times on toilet - pantles

I still shat my pants after I removed them, sat down on the toilet, and farted lightly too many times :(


Aparently... you still no take candle...

Last level bug

I dont know if someone already said this but on the last level you can shoot anyone on the golf course it seems and it will say mission complete. Other than that its a very nice game. Sometimes it will be a bit too choppy to shoot on my computer but it isnt really that bad. Keep up the good work.

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Very beautiful piece all around. Everything was seamless and the melody spoke to me. The highs were high and the lows were well timed. Perfect music to write to :) I'd love to hear how dark you could go on a full track based off the first 15 seconds. It'd be non-stop goosebumps no doubt :) Planning on posting 2015 work?

pftq responds:

Thanks! No words to describe what a surprise it is to hear from you. :D You might want to check out Darkerly Stormy - an older but very fun one to listen to. I definitely like going down the dark/horror route a lot. Really horror-oriented and really blissful stuff is what I feel really comfortable writing for some reason.

2015 is going a bit slow for me. Need to get myself into a creative environment again to get some inspiration. But yes, definitely want to keep going this year.

Great work you got here! I enjoy it when artists aren't afraid to use a broad spectrum of instruments on a track. But you didn't stop there. You transitioned these instruments very skillfully and held me through each one wanting to listen to what was next.

Only thing I would point out on this piece was that your epic transition at 2:09 transitioned into the same melody you used already. Maybe switch it up some and push that one final finale melody to make sure your fans listen all the way to the end.

Keep up the great work!

Nice creativity here making this upbeat melody. Good use of chords on the saw synth to keep that feeling going. You've got a memorable tune :)

Only thing that I notice is at 1:20, your clean chords get muddied by the bass I think. It sounded perfect right before that.

Keep up the good work!

DjxYEAHxLEMONS responds:

thanks for the advice!

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