Entry #4

Thank You!

2011-08-28 04:36:12 by Redse7en

I don't have the time to work on music as often as I used to. First off I wanted to thank Newgrounds for hosting my music. Back in 2006, Newgrounds was the only site I knew of that would host and show off songs for creative audiophiles.

Music has evolved a lot since the first time I installed FruityLoops in 2002 and I'm excited to see more people enjoy electronic music genres.

I still open FruityLoops every now and then to try to replicate a style or experiment with sounds but I don't have as much time as I used to to make complete songs. Rather than cluttering up Newgrounds with unfinished songs, I'll be uploading those songs to SoundCloud. If I get time to make completed songs, they'll be uploaded to my Newgrounds page.


Also, here's some songs I tucked away a long time ago

Thank you for all the wonderful years,


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2015-01-23 02:35:10

Thanks for sharing your music. I've been around since about 2007. Your music was one of the few out there at the time of very good quality. Very inspiring for others like myself who were interested in creative pursuits.

Redse7en responds:

Aww. It feels good to know that people still remember me here :) I had an awesome time and wish I could write more, but I felt my style was going stale and wanted to leave with a good history of music on my wall to remember everything by. I'm glad I could be a source of inspiration for you. If you want to see some of my newer stuff, there's a soundcloud link on my profile page. Just FYI, you're way ahead of me in skill. Anywho, thanks for dropping by.