Why I still make music for free.

2009-05-26 23:24:04 by Redse7en


This is a fan comment regarding my audio submission "Summer Nightfall"

"An interesting story..."
by: dongbong

My brother and I heard this song while surfing the portal a few years ago, and we immediately loved it. Both of us are mallet-percussion specialists at our high school, and we have a large enough instrument at home that we figured out the melody by ear and the corresponding chords in the bass cleff. Armed with this knowledge, and using our skills, we created our own version of this song that we performed live at our high school concert. We gave full credit to you and this website, the crowd really enjoyed it. Thank you for it and all of your other music, it has really had an effect on our lives. If you can, man, keep it coming.

I just want to say thank you so much! Hearing this kind of comment makes my time spent making music for free all worth it!

Why I still make music for free.


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2009-06-11 11:45:38

I'm glad people enjoy your works, Red! That really brings tears to my eyes... well maybe not like "The Last Samurai" did, but still! :P